Alter Bauhof | Ottensheim

Alter Bauhof - Ottensheim


OTTOsonics speakers and amps
36-channel dome (10 at -30°, 10 at 0°, 10 at 30°, 5 at 60°, 1 at 90°, 6m diameter, 3 studio subwoofers)
22-channel rectangle with 2 speakers/channel (10x12m, 6x 18″subs)
20-channel ceiling speakers (4 x 5 grid)
4x line array with 6 speakers

The building was originally a garage for boats of the local fire department and has been adapted and used as a venue for concerts and theatre. The OTTO Kulturgenossenschaft runs and develops Alter Bauhof  as a participatory project (, whereas the municipality of Ottensheim is providing the builing.  It is acoustically quite open, there is a walkway and a park nearby. Alongside the main room with the stage and the bar there is a backstage area, a workshop with storage, a lobby with a permanent exhibition area and a backyard.