George Rahi

Rahi’s music draws from a variety of acoustic and synthetic instrumentation. Inspired by the acousmatic aspects of the pipe organ, his compositions are characterized by harmonic structures, drifting motions and anomalous textures that conjure abstract and imaginative realms. Creating parallels between the acoustic and digital spaces of instruments and speakers, he delves into the unique perceptual qualities of multi-channel sound systems and its methods of immersive listening.

George Rahi (b 1987, Philadelphia) is a composer and interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. He uses self-created and altered instruments as a method of exploring the intersections between acoustic and digital technologies, modes of listening, and spatial and architectural thinking. His work includes installations, instrument making, solo + ensemble performance, and works for radio, theatre and public spaces. His work has been presented by SPEKTRUM (Berlin), Regenerative Feedback Festival (Rotterdam), Kunst-Station Sankt Peter (Cologne), Fusebox Festival (Austin), Institute for New Music of the University Mozarteum (Salzburg), and Vancouver New Music among others.