Polina Khatsenka

Polina Khatsenka aka mʊdʌki is an audiovisual artist, sound designer and sonic curator from Minsk, Belarus, based in Usti nad Labem, Czech republic. She is devoting her work to various aspects of sound with a focus on audio performance, site-specific installations and composing. Polina is currently getting her Master degree at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Usti nad Labem, time-based media studio under supervision of Daniel Hanzlik and Pavel Mrkus.
One of the essential aspects of Polina’s work is collaboration and group projects with NGO’s (CENSE, phonon~, Auxig), and offspaces with a self-organized approach. Polina implies expanding the perception of both intimate and shared environment within her work, be it uncovering and operating with invisible but yet existing physical fields or addressing existential topics on a personal level.
Starting the work with spatial audio in 2018 during exchange in HSDusseldorf, Polina continued her research in Kunstuniversität Linz, where she leads a “Silence. Pause. Quiet.” course  from 2021, at a Co.Lab Acoustic Ecology established by Peter Androsch and Gitti Vasicek. Together with phonon~ crew, where she is one of the founding members, Polina organises  events, mediating experimental electronic, electroacoustic music and sound art in quadraphonic and octophonic PA.