Léa Boudreau

Through her work, Léa Boudreau questions interspecies relationships (specifically between humans and nonhumans) by considering animal and robotic life as ground for reflections on hierarchies dividing our world. She is interested in exploring the intersections of capitalism, power dynamics, speciesism, and (various forms of) supremacy to raise awareness over insidious and oppressive structures. She creates installations, soundscapes and electronic ecosystems placing human guests in contact with hybrid and ambiguous beings (e.g., robots with animal features, responsive but not organic, etc.) How can these unusual encounters help us reflect on our own biases? How do we build a better equilibrium between species and take into account the diversity of existences?

Léa Boudreau is an electronic circuit maker, sound crafter, and immersive environment builder based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. She has been awarded many prizes and grants over the years, including a Canada Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC), the Dora & Avi Morrow Fellowship, a Concordia Fine Arts Scholarship, and two JTTP prizes from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. Her projects have been broadcast and performed around the globe.