OTTOsonics – open platform for immersive sound

Are you interested in working with multichannel audio? As an artist, as a band, as a cultural initiative, or as a researcher? Do you need help getting started? Are you looking for people to collaborate with?

concerts – live performances – sound installations – residencies

You already have a project, composition or live performance you want to share? Or do you want to spend an extended amount of time working with our system and dive deeper into artistic and technical possibilities?
We are organizing concerts all year and the OTTOsonics festival in September. Additionally we offer residencies through an open call we usually put out at the beginning of the year. So watch out for that or simply write us and make a proposal for a project or concert.

workshops – lectures – community meetups

Are you interested in a collaboration as an educational institution or a cultural initiative?
Do you want to build your own multichannel system? Do you want to learn how to work with multichannel audio as a composer or live sound engineer? Or simply want to exchange ideas?
Please contact us! We regularly do open meetings at tangible music lab and Alter Bauhof Ottensheim that can also be attended online. We gladly share our knowledge through workshops, lectures or other formats.

collaborations – network – exchange programs for artists, works and technical solutions

We think that keeping a balance between technical developments, artistic contents, transfer of knowledge and live practice is essential to sustain a healthy growth. Our long term goal is to build up a network of compatible live venues, give artists opportunities to perform and earn a living, have enough trained people, knowledge and technical solutions out there to push the boundaries of what is possible right now.

accessibility, affordability, democratization, open access

We believe that producing hardware and developing technology should be in the hands of everybody. We therefore pursue an open access policy for everything we develop and encourage people to take advantage of that and join us in this endeavour.
Want to browse through what is already out? You’ll find everything you need to get started and more here.

Feel free to contact us!


OTTOsonics – open platform for immersive sound

a collaboration between the OTTO Kulturgenossenschaft Ottensheim and the tangible music lab.

OTTOsonics is a collective of sounds-artists, developers, and sound engineers with an initiative to make immersive audio formats accessible to sound and performance artists, as well as cultural and educational institutions, and to facilitate their use in the arts and culture. OTTOsonics is an open platform for artists to address barriers to incorporating immersive sounds in all disciplines of arts and performances, to exchange technical and creative methods from production to implementation, and to share artistic and technological know-how across the field of acoustic and electronic music.


16/09/2023 - 17/09/2023

OTTOsonics Festival 2023

03/09/2023 - 17/09/2023

Artist-in-residence: Léa Boudreau

31/07/2023 - 13/08/2023

Artist-in-residence: Boris Shershenkov

30/06/2023 - 01/07/2023

Klangfestival Gallneukirchen 2023

concerts and installations by
Amélie Nilles
Florian Goeschke
tangible music lab

knowledge base