Ottosonics Festival 22


OTTOsonics – open platform for immersive sound

a collaboration between the OTTO Kulturgenossenschaft Ottensheim and the University of Art and Design Linz

OTTOsonics is a collective of sounds-artists, developers, and sound engineers with an initiative to make immersive audio formats accessible to sound and performance artists, as well as cultural and educational institutions, and to facilitate their use in the arts and culture. OTTOsonics is an open platform for artists to address barriers to incorporating immersive sounds in all disciplines of arts and performances, to exchange technical and creative methods from production to implementation, and to share artistic and technological know-how across the field of acoustic and electronic music.



24/10/2022 - 30/10/2022

Artist-in-residence: Amélie Nilles

WIP Presentation Oct 29th, 20:00
open studio session – drop by, listen to French composer Amélie Nilles‘ music, talk with us about spatial audio, methods, artistic approaches, etc

17/09/2022 - 18/09/2022

OTTOsonics Festival


Samstag, 17.9., Alter Bauhof

– 15:00 OTTOsonics come together – Eröffnung, Einführung

Klingt verrückt! – Field Recording Workshop mit Fino Poly

Impulse Response Measurement in FOA and HOA, Workshop mit Matthias Frank

– ab 19:00 Mariam Gviniashvili, Ida Hiršenfelder – Stücke aus den Residencies
– Enrique Tomás – Live from Donaubus
– Brassmatiker – Konzert
– Fatomás – Mehrkanalkonzert
– Enrique Mendoza – Mehrkanalkonzert
– Rojin Sharafi – Mehrkanalkonzert

Sonntag, 18.7., Alter Bauhof

– 10:00 Klingt verrückt! – Field Recording Workshop mit Fino Poly

– ab 14:00 OTTOsonics come together – Einführung, Diskussion
– Field Recording Workshop Listening Session
– IEM Graz: Matthias Frank – Vortrag, Listening Session mit Stücken der KUG Studierenden
– ELAK Wien: Thomas Grill: Vortrag, Listening Session

– ab 19:00 Stefan Juster & Robert Schwarz – Mehrkanalkonzert
– WURF (Bernhard Breuer, Mario Stadler, Manu Mitterhuber, Gigi Gratt) – Mehrkanalkonzert
– DJ DD Kern

Florian Göschke: The SonIcosahedron – a spatial (auto)instrument – interactive soundinstallation, Donaulände Ottensheim


If you want to participate in a workshop, please write an email to manu@goon-studios.com.

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